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Websites Built

Websites Redesigned

Years in Business

WordPress websites

Our Full List of Services

We can work with you on one or more of these services

Website Design

We build brand new websites from scratch in WordPress or any other platform.

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, we get you clients from social media!


Search Engine Marketing

We help improve your rankings on Google the right way.

Video Production

We create professional videos including tutorials, sizzle reels, and promo videos.

Website Analysis

We found out why your website is not making you money in a video and show how to improve online sales.

ADA Compliance

We make your website more accessible to the disabled and improve the user experience for them.

Some of the Websites We Re-Designed

Just a small sample of the websites we have built over the years. We can redesign the same for you.
Bruce Chamoff

Bruce Chamoff

CEO and Technical Project Manager

After designing websites for 21 years and promoting small to large businesses online on social media, Bruce Chamoff shows no signs of stopping.
I have been inspired by so many people in my life, none of whom are famous, but all of them should be.

After seeing more people podcasting, blogging, and pushing harder than ever before, Bruce has decided to follow suit. Bruce has been making contributions more than ever to the success various businesses around the world using his unique outlook on web design. Since more social media marketing professionals are not successful branding their clients online, Bruce’s different approach has made a difference.

Always On The Cutting Edge

Even before new technologies or social media marketing strategies gain popularity, chances are that Hot Web Ideas has always been using it and offering it to their clients, so our clients get the latest and greatest before their competition and friends.

Pick One Thing You Want Visitors To Do

I often visit a website that has me doing 9 things. I have a choice and that is ok, but most websites give me TOO much of a choice. Since I am in the web design business, I can easily pick some element to engage with on any website, but the general public simply...

Our Involvement in the This Entrepreneurial Life Website

I want to talk about this new website called This Entrepreneurial Life, at ThisEntrepreneurialLife.com. This website is owned by Adrian Miller, who is the owner and leader of the New York-based networking group called Adrian’s Network. Adrian’s Network serves all over...

We Decipher Your Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics and are not looking at them, because they are overwhelming or hard to read, we can help.
Click Here To Let Us Analyze Your Traffic

We Build You a Streaming TV Show Of Your Own!

If you have a lot of videos on YouTube, we can take your videos even further by getting your videos onto HD TVs all over the world!
Learn About Our Streaming TV Channel Services


ADA Compliance Is Becoming a Huge Issue

In the old days of the internet, we were able to create a website and put it out to the public and that was acceptable. Nowadays, having a website is a lot of work, not just for your web designer, but also for the business owners. ,Compliance is the main topic for...
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4 Solutions To Improve Performance Of Your WordPress Website for the Rest Of 2019

I hear a lot of people complain about their websites being slow and experienced web developers seem to blame it on the actual content management system. Any platform can introduce performance issues and I have seen it with all of them including WordPress, Drupal,...
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Javascript Demand Has Exploded in 2019

It seems that out of all of the popular web development technologies, software, and programming languages, nothing has grown faster than Javascript. I have counted 5 popular Javascript technologies that are highly demanded, but there are literally over 25 of them. I...
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Why a 99% Google Analytics (and any percent lower) Bounce Rate Is Still Good

So, you look at your Google Analytics and notice that the bounce rate is 60% and your personal search engine optimization expert is telling you that anything over 25% is a bad bounce rate. What is your reaction? Do you immediately think that your website design is...
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We Do Not Convert Website Visitors into Customers When We Give Them a Choice – How To Fix This and Increase Website Sales

So you are getting great search engine rankings on Google. As a matter of fact, you are on the first page of Google searches with four of your most for important keywords. Your website comes up higher than your competitors. WIll you automatically get more sales? It...
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Why I No Longer Take YouTube Seriously as a social media marketing strategy

Not Taking YouTube Seriously Any Longer YouTube's recent demonitzation of channels who have not reached the minimum threshold of one thousand listeners and four thousand hours of watch time has a lot of people upset. Yes, I am one of those channels who have not yet...
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What exactly is a web design coach?

A web design coach is a professional experienced in web design who works with other web designers and webmasters to help them produce not only a professional looking website but also one that is profitable for the owner of that website. Web design coaches have a...
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Would you hire a teenager to design your website?

If you are thinking about hiring a teenager to design your website, here are some questions and concerns you may want to consider first:

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Recap of My Strategic Partnerships in the Web Design and Development Field for May 2017

It seems that there are more web design companies than ever taking on more unrelated tasks and service offerings including social media marketing, Facebook advertising, and even traditional marketing. For those in my field, it is no surprise that SEO (search engine...
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