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Why I No Longer Take YouTube Seriously as a social media marketing strategy | Hot Web Ideas
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Not Taking YouTube Seriously Any Longer

YouTube’s recent demonitzation of channels who have not reached the minimum threshold of one thousand listeners and four thousand hours of watch time has a lot of people upset. Yes, I am one of those channels who have not yet reached the minimum. YouTube labeled a term called bad actors which include a collection of videos that are not high quality, because advertisers do not want to be associated with them. Apparently, a lot of video creators were putting out low-quality content that were upsetting advertisers and YouTube had to change the way videos are monetized because the so-called bad actors were ruining the revenue stream for the authentic people. My videos in my opinion were very high quality as I had a video series called the Web design Business Success Series where I taught web designers how to run their businesses and I was including content from everything from outsourcing to websites where you can make additional income as well as the documents needed to run a successful web design business. I hardly call that content from a bad actor.

Some of the Successful Videos Creators On YouTube Are Total Clowns

Also, I hate to say it, but some of these video creators who are successful are total clowns. They content is ridiculous and although may be funny to some people, are totally stupid. I am not calling anyone out as there are a lot of great video creators who are successful and I love their content, but some of the others put out the most useless content. I guess the people who subscribe to them are total clowns too. You would have to be a clown to subscribe to some of these videos.

A little background

However, my videos were not as frequent until 2016, but I have been a member of YouTube for 10 years although I wasn’t putting up as many videos and when I heard about these minimum requirements in order to have your channel monetized, I started putting up more videos. I think a lot of people felt that way where we do know that our monetization would be taken away until YouTube initially announced this ridiculous decision and more people are putting up videos. I still believe that like myself, a lot of the channels that got caught that didn’t make the minimum threshold requirements were not bad actors at all. They were putting up quality content, but simply did not make it in time by February 20 deadline with the minimum requirements.

Now once you reach this minimum threshold YouTube has to review your channel which means that you don’t automatically get monetization, something that is just way too frustrating and too stressful and just too much work. I am happy for the video creators that have already made these minimum requirements and their videos were getting thousands and thousands of views and subscribers, because YouTube was putting them into the suggested videos and just pushing their videos even more while I was watching video at the video on how to get into the suggested videos section, but YouTube is hardly putting me in the suggested videos and I’ve done everything I possibly could after reading the guidelines and watching the videos from successful video creators who have millions of views and subscribers. Now I have to get literally 240,000 minutes of watch time which doing the math is the 4,000 hours of watch time and I’m going to continue uploading videos up on YouTube, not taking YouTube seriously anymore, because there are MUCH better ways to make money than YouTube and because YouTube is run from Google AdSense, it is hard to make any good money with Google AdSense, so here is a list of the websites and I’m using them and am already making money. They take the pressure off of my work on YouTube, because of how frustrating YouTube has become.

How I am making money online without YouTube

Teaching Online Courses on Udemy.com

I’ve been making a lot of money on https://Udemy.comUdemy.com which allows you to upload videos and people pay for your videos. You are basically an instructor. Your videos are organized in an online course so you can make money with online courses and I’m proud to say that I’ve made more money on Udemy in one month than I’ve made in my entire lifetime at YouTube something to be said for websites that are anyone other than YouTube.


I’ve have also been making money on Vimeo. Vimeo allows you to add videos and on-demand format so people can purchase them one at a time. Your videos can be priced anywhere from one dollar up to $10 at least that is how I have been pricing my videos. You can sell an entire video course and on-demand format on video with Vimeo.


Roku is the most successful streaming platform with over 5 million subscribers worldwide and that number may have been higher since you have read this blog post. Roku is similar to Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. With Roku, you can simply upload videos to Vimeo or Amazon AWS and create a channel. Then, Roku places your channel in their catalog for people to find online or withing the YouTube search screen. I currently have 3 Roku channels of own each with their own pricing strategy.

In conclusion

In conclusion, if you are unhappy like me about YouTube’s decision, then you have options and alternatives and can name your own price.


Author: Bruce Chamoff

Bruce Chamoff has been in the web design and development business since 1995 and has worked on over 1,000 websites since then for businesses of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

He is a regular speaker at WordCamps (the official WordPress conference) across the United States and teaches over 12 Udemy.com courses on web design and development.

Bruce never stops learning and teaching web development.