My New Video Podcast on Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Design

by | Friday, Feb 24, 2017

A Real Quick History on Podcasting

I have been podcasting on and off since 2005 when the podcast revolution started taking off. Adam Curry, one of the VJs (video jockeys on MTV in the late 90’s) started adding audio programs for people to listen to on their iPods. That part is the short and quick history of podcasting. People from all over the world started adding their podcasts to follow what Curry was doing. Podcasting was born and most of them were audio. After a few years when YouTube was getting bigger, people were creating video podcasts. Two men from Boston, Chris Penn and Chris Brogan, started the podcamps, which where marketed as the Un-conferences for podcasters. The podcamps were actually conferences in my opinion. They needed speakers as a result. I love teaching people and public speaking, so I signed up to speak at the Podcamp NYC in 2006 at the New Yorker Hotel on the corner of 34th and 8th with a workshop called Introductions to RSS Feeds. They gave me a tiny room, probably because they they did not expect my topic to be that popular. Not only did I fill up the room, I had people standing up in the back and some people sitting on the floor. Wow! My workshop had lawn seats! Podcasts have episodes and people were using popular blogging platforms to launch those episodes. Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress were the top three blogging platforms back then.

Who is Paul Phoenicks & Did I Coin the Term “Podcast Network”?

Since I saw podcasting growing, I formed the Long Island Podcast Network and was making money charging for ads and getting sponsorships. It all went well for several years until around 2009 when podcasting was drying up only to be utilized by large corporations. I decided to close the podcast network that year. I also helped a few people get their podcasts off the ground including some clients and close friends. Now, fast forward almost 8 years to the beginning of 2017 and I see podcasting happening all over the world again. You can even see my old podcast network blog from 2006 at –  When I entered this address, it just brought back memories and that was 9 years ago. I even see a contributor named Paul Phoenicks and I no longer have any no idea who that is. Why was it called the Long Island Podcast Network? I was thinking at that time that podcasts are like TV shows and the podcast network was like television network. I actually coined the podcast network and now people use it all over the world today. Well, I am not sure if people are using it, because I invented the term, but I used it at the time to name my new podcast site and I copied it from nobody, so now I will never really know. I take comfort in assuming that I did.

Now 2017, I See Podcasting Everywhere Again

Being out of podcasting since 2009 seems to have been an expense in my overall internet marketing strategies, because my close business friends like Adrian Miller (sales consultant) and Ramon Ray (public speaker), also web development clients, are using podcasting. Ramon Ray has interviewed the investors from Shark Tank and runs the small business magazine Smart Hustle which I have performed Facebook advertising services for and drove 3,000 people for three days. Adrian owns Adrian’s Network, a business networking group in the greater New York area where events are held in person and on phone conferences. My friend Jay has the Going Boom podcast where he interviews artists. I also have a web development client, Mark Mims, from Virginia who has hired my team to build a new podcast network site where podcasters can list their shows for free and paid plans. That website should be done by March 31.

The Hot Web Ideas Internet Marketing and Web Design Video Podcast

Now, I am back creating my video podcast after 8 years and am sharing my tips, experience and strategies for small business entrepreneurs to market their businesses through social media, Search engine optimization (SEO), and various web design tips. This podcast will go hand in hand with this blog, so I can make help people make the connection. I am experimenting with Facebook Live which has become amazingly popular and I am using it for my video podcasts. The first thing I do on Facebook Live is a session that can last from 20 to 45 minutes. I then download it from Facebook and upload it to YouTube. Through a Udemy course by my friend and successful Udemy instructor Alex Genadinik on YouTube marketing tips: how I got 1,000,000 views, I am hoping that this podcast will receive subscribers and I can spread my advice.

I am looking forward to your comments below. I hope to blog approximately 3 to 5 times every week, so please subscribe and bookmark this page.

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