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Bruce Chamoff

Bruce Chamoff

CEO and Technical Project Manager

After designing websites for 21 years and promoting small to large businesses online on social media, Bruce Chamoff shows no signs of stopping.
I have been inspired by so many people in my life, none of whom are famous, but all of them should be.

After seeing more people podcasting, blogging, and pushing harder than ever before, Bruce has decided to follow suit. Bruce has been making contributions more than ever to the success various businesses around the world using his unique outlook on web design. Since more social media marketing professionals are not successful branding their clients online, Bruce’s different approach has made a difference.

Always On The Cutting Edge

Even before new technologies or social media marketing strategies gain popularity, chances are that Hot Web Ideas has always been using it and offering it to their clients, so our clients get the latest and greatest before their competition and friends.

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44 Seconds of My 45-Minute Presentation Speaking At The United Nations in New York City in 2016

I love public speaking and this speaking engagement was at the United Nations in New York City. How many people can say that they spoke at the nice world landmark like that? I was speaking on WordPress plugin development and being a public speaker who loves to...
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Video Podcast on The Need for a Secure Website with SSL

This video of mine has gotten over 5,000 hits. Not a lot, but not little either. Hot Web Ideas can install your SSL certificate for you and make your website secure in less than one week. I have been stressing this often and...
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Is Your Website Secure with a SSL Certificate? If not, Please Read and Respond to This Blog Post.

You thought by owning a website for years, if you weren’t selling an ecommerce or any products on your shopping cart, or if you did not have a catalog, you didn’t need a SSL certificate. For those people who don’t know what SSL means, it stands for secure socket...
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My New Video Podcast on Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Design

A Real Quick History on Podcasting I have been podcasting on and off since 2005 when the podcast revolution started taking off. Adam Curry, one of the VJs (video jockeys on MTV in the late 90's) started adding audio programs for people to listen to on their iPods....
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Internet Marketing Podcast #3: Using Podcasting To Develop Your Personal and Business Brand

Watch the YouTube video below from February 21 which was a Facebook Live video. It is always about your personal brand. If you are trying to be a successful entrepreneur and have a small or medium sized business, it is important to get your brand out there to people...
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Pick One Thing You Want Visitors To Do

I often visit a website that has me doing 9 things. I have a choice and that is ok, but most websites give me TOO much of a choice. Since I am in the web design business, I can easily pick some element to engage with on any website, but the general public simply...
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Our Involvement in the This Entrepreneurial Life Website

I want to talk about this new website called This Entrepreneurial Life, at This website is owned by Adrian Miller, who is the owner and leader of the New York-based networking group called Adrian’s Network. Adrian’s Network serves all over...
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Video Podcast: 3 AMAZING and SIMPLE Web Design Strategies To Convert Your Website Into An Amazing Money Maker

I presented a session on 3 strategies you need to make your website engaging and to get site visitors to become customers and clients. Most websites are not using these strategies, so it is important to make the changes. Hot Web Ideas can make the changes for you....
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Fiverr is an incredible way to make money online for ANY entrepreneru or website owner in any field. I guarantee it. There are lawyers, dentists, SEO experts, web designers, cooks and just about any industry you can think of on Fiverr. Fiverr has a community and a...
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